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The shiny new home for the r/leagueoflinux wiki

Greetings Summoner (are we still allowed to say that?)! If you’re here looking to play League of Legends, or any of Riot Games' other titles, on your favourite Linux distribution, you've come to the right place! is the one-stop shop for anything and everything Riot Games on Linux. From installation and optimisation of the MOBA, to troubleshooting, FAQs, Riots' other games, and more; this site is a comprehensive must-read before your first open source descent onto Summers Rift!


Currently playable until Vanguard implementation

League of Legends is currently playable on Linux systems. See the status page for the latest information.

🖥️ Pages on desktop can be traversed using the menu on the lefthand side, and individual page chapters can be traversed using the menu on the righthand side.

📱 Pages and chapters on mobile can be traversed using the nested hamburger menu on the lefthand side.

❤️ A Thank You

A huge thank you and expression of gratitude to all the volunteers who devote time to helping resolve issues, developing tools to make League of Linux a better experience, and everyone who posts and comments. Without the community effort this site would be pretty empty!

This site began its life as the first and second megathreads on the r/leagueoflinux subreddit. Since then it has undergone many revisions, including the relaunch as a built-in reddit wiki, before making its way to where we are now at! From humble beginnings, it's been a pleasure to serve this community. Thank you all!

This site is regularly maintained and is completely open source! Contributions are welcome. To suggest changes, please open an issue. For further questions or feedback, please reach out to u/TheAcenomad on reddit, or