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Common Problems and How to Solve Them

Important Information

This page contains many of the issues that players have faced playing League of Legends on Linux, and step-by-step instructions on how to resolve them. Consult this page in detail before making a support request post.

As this page is rather comprehensive, problems are broadly broken down into three categories:

Game and Graphical Issues

ℹ️ Vulkan compatibility

Make sure your GPU is Vulkan-capable. Most modern graphics cards are, however if your GPU is not Vulkan-capable then you must disable DXVK in the Lutris configuration for League:

  1. Right click League of Legends in Lutris
  2. Select Configure
  3. Disable Enable DXVK/VKD3D then Save

Users of older DXVK-unsupported AMD cards may want to read this comment by community member /u/danalucard.

✅ Critical error and anticheat pop ups

If you encounter ... your system is not configured to work with League's anticheat. pop ups attempting to launch the client, or when the game crashes after champion select with A critical error has occurred..., try one of the solutions below:

  • Solution 1: Run sudo sh -c 'sysctl -w abi.vsyscall32=0' then reboot
  • Solution 2: Run sudo sysctl -w abi.vsyscall32=0 before EVERY new session you play League
  • Solution 3: Manually edit your /etc/sysctl.conf and append with the line abi.vsyscall32=0 then reboot
  • Solution 4: Install and use wine-lol

✅ 'Sticky' mouse in ping menu, cannot move camera or wrong mouse clicks

If you experience a 'sticky' mouse when interacting with the ping menu or moving your champion in game, cannot move the camera or experience wrong mouse clicks, try the following solutions:

  • Solution 1: switch your game to Windowed borderless mode in the game settings
  • Solution 2: Alt+Tab to a different window, then return back to League
  • Solution 3: press your meta/Windows key, then return back to League
  • Solution 4: swap workspaces (hotkeys differ with each DE), then return back to League
  • Solution 5: enable virtual desktop mode (see the issue directly above this one for instructions)

✅ Stuttering or low FPS when moving camera or mouse

❌ Mouse sensitivity doesn't change in game

  • Currently unresolved

  • Workaround: install and configure Piper with a compatible mouse or otherwise altering the mouse speed via your distro settings

✅ Champion or screen lags or glitches when moving camera

  • Solution: disable Movement prediction in the in-game settings

Client Issues

✅ Client takes a long time to load after attempting to launch

  • Solution: use a newer version of Wine
  • This used to be an intended artificial wait time introduced to fix a websocket bug. This was eventually fixed in later custom Wine builds.

❌ Chat and friends list take a long time to load in the client

  • Currently unresolved. The chat and friends list is slow for everyone on Linux, it is believed to be due to the League Client not playing well with websocket implementation in Wine. This does not affect in-game chat, but does also impact pre and post-game chat lobbies.

✅ Cannot change game or client resolution or it is stuck at the lowest resolution

Usually the lowest resolution this bug triggers is 1024x576.

  • Solution: enable virtual desktop mode in Lutris and borderless window mode in League:
    1. Right Click League of Legends
    2. Select Configure
    3. Select Runner options
    4. Enable Windowed (virtual desktop)
    5. Change Virtual desktop resolution to the size of your monitor
    6. Launch the game and in graphics settings change Window mode to Borderless

✅ Riot client error Could Not Update

  • Solution: use the official installer to repatch your game by running it within the Wine prefix of your installation. To do this on Lutris:
    1. Select League of Legends in Lutris
    2. Select the 🔺triangle next to Wine symbol
    3. Select Run EXE inside Wine prefix
    4. Choose the previously downloaded official installer
    5. In the Riot Client popup that appears, click Install

System or Dependency Issues

✅ Crashing or loading issues using custom or upstream versions of Wine

  • Solution: change to the default version of Wine included with Lutris or wine-lol. Custom or upstream versions of Wine are incompatible with League of Legends at this time. For more information see Why Can't We Play on Upstream Wine?

✅ Error pop up for "dialog"

If you encounter the pop up This installer requires dialog on your system, you need to install the dialog package.

  • Solution: install the package dialog via your package manager, for example sudo apt install -y dialog on Debian-based systems

✅ "Wine System Tray" window on Pantheon and GNOME-based desktops

  • GNOME solution: install libappindicator and the companion AppIndicator GNOME extension
    1. Install libappindicator via your distro package manager
    2. Install the GNOME Shell Integration extension for either Firefox or Chrome
    3. Install AppIndicator Support
  • Pantheon solution: install a custom wingpanel-indicator and locally build wingpanel-indicator-na-tray
    1. Add the repo sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bluesabre/elementary-odin
    2. Install the custom panel indicator sudo apt install com.github.lafydev.wingpanel-indicator-ayatana -y
    3. Download the panel indicator wget
    4. Extract and edit change the dependency at line 36 from ibwingpanel_dep = dependency('wingpanel-2.0') to libwingpanel_dep = dependency('wingpanel')
    5. Compile and install the package meson builddir --prefix=/usr ninja -C builddir sudo ninja -C builddir install

✅ Gamemode errors

If you see either one of ERROR: object '/usr/$LIB/' from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (cannot open shared object file): ignored. or ERROR: object ‘’ from LD_PRELOAD cannot be preloaded (wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64): ignored. in your logs.

  • This is a known error and does not have any effect on the performance or ability to play games. It can safely be ignored, and is not considered the cause of inability to play League.

✅ Incorrect graphical drivers used with an Nvidia GPU in hybrid setups

  • Solution: enable Nvidia Prime Render Offload in Lutris:
    1. Select League of Legends in Lutris
    2. Select Configure
    3. Select System options
    4. Tick to enable Enable NVIDIA Prime Render Offload
    5. Tick to enable Use discrete graphics then Save

GLXBadConfig error

  • 🚧 No concrete known causes or resolutions at this time. Please contact /u/TheAcenomad if you have experience with this issue and potential solutions

ℹ️ Code 13568 errors

If your logs end in any one of the following: : Initial process has exited (return code: 13568), Exit with return code 13568 or Command exited with code 13568.

  • This is a standard Wine exit code when Windows processes die unexpectedly. It is usually not entirely helpful in determining the cause of the crash and it is certainly not enough information to provide by itself when submitting a support request which requires verbose logs.

✅ Tiny or invisible client windows on Hyprland

Some additional window rules are necessary. Edit your configuration file at ~/.config/hypr/hyprland.conf with the below. See the relevant reddit thread for additional context.

# League stuff
# Riot Client
windowrulev2 = nomaxsize, class:^(riotclientux\.exe)$,title:^(Riot\sClient\sMain)$
windowrulev2 = float, class:^(riotclientux\.exe)$,title:^(Riot\sClient\sMain)$
windowrulev2 = size 1530 850, class:^(riotclientux\.exe)$,title:^(Riot\sClient\sMain)$
windowrulev2 = opacity 1.0 override 1.0 override, class:^(riotclientux\.exe)$,title:^(Riot\sClient\sMain)$
# "center" doesnt seem to properly work on this client
windowrulev2 = move -200 -100, class:^(riotclientux\.exe)$,title:^(Riot\sClient\sMain)$

# League Client
windowrulev2 = nomaxsize, class:^(leagueclientux\.exe)$,title:^(League\sof\sLegends)$
windowrulev2 = float, class:^(leagueclientux\.exe)$,title:^(League\sof\sLegends)$
windowrulev2 = size 1600 900,class:^(leagueclientux\.exe)$,title:^(League\sof\sLegends)$
windowrulev2 = center, class:^(leagueclientux\.exe)$,title:^(League\sof\sLegends)$
windowrulev2 = opacity 1.0 override 1.0 override, class:^(leagueclientux\.exe)$,title:^(League\sof\sLegends)$

# Game Client
windowrulev2 = opacity 1.0 override 1.0 override, class:^(league\sof\slegends\.exe)$,title:^(League\sof\sLegends\s\(TM\)\sClient)$
windowrulev2 = float,  class:^(league\sof\slegends\.exe)$,title:^(League\sof\sLegends\s\(TM\)\sClient)$
windowrulev2 = nomaxsize, class:^(league\sof\slegends\.exe)$,title:^(League\sof\sLegends\s\(TM\)\sClient)$
windowrulev2 = fullscreen, class:^(league\sof\slegends\.exe)$,title:^(League\sof\sLegends\s\(TM\)\sClient)$

Thanks to /u/Coreknot and for the documentation.

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